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There is simply no need to sacrifice style for functionality. These wrist wallets or arm wallets are both practical and attractive

Wrist Pockets
Arm Pockets

Call them what you will – wrist wallets, wrist pockets, arm purses – they're simply the best invention since the zip-lock bag (but don't try to store food in them). These stylish pockets are the safe way to carry your essentials - keys, money, lip-gloss; some even fit ID. So leave the purse or wallet at home and experience a little freedom with a wrist or arm pouch. And wallet, no bulging pockets!

Fringe Fashions provides the greatest variety of portable pockets you will find anywhere, be it online or off. We are a Canadian company, based in Toronto, who sell our pockets at shows and on the web. As merchant designers we hear your feedback directly, so write us and tell us what you think.

Our customers tell us:

I never go out salsa dancing without my wrist pouch. I love it. –Barbarita

I wear my arm pocket when I am out for the night, so I don't worry about my purse and my wallet. –Janet

I use my wrist wallet to hold my keys and money when I jog. –Caren