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When you need to carry a few essentials, a wrist pocket or arm pocket fits the bill...or we could say, the bill fits the pocket.

All wrist pockets hold such items as:
  • keys
  • money
  • lip gloss
  • Gum
  • Coat check tickets
In addition to the above, the Cuff wrist pocket and arm pockets also hold:
  • Id Card
  • Credit Card
Take your wrist or arm wallet to the clubs or shopping malls – anywhere you want your valuables held securely on your wrist or arm.

All Wrist and Arm Pockets: $17.99 Canadian currency (plus shipping).

Wrist and arm pockets are sent via airmail to all countries outside of Canada.

U.S. Customers: In stock items take approximately 7 - 12 business days;
U.K. Customers: In stock items take approximately 12 business days.

NOTE: Rates vary by location